are you a virgin? because i want to slit your throat and sacrifice you to satan

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“ARE YOU READY TO ROCK??” the hyped-up rock singer shouts at the wild crowd. suddenly everyone goes silent. one lone soul from near the back shouts back “no, we arent.” everyone else murmurs in agreement. the concert is over.

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austlan isnt real. fuenciado isnt real. kellic isnt real. jalex isnt real. and none of your other stupid fucking ships are real. you guys are actually so fucking dumb and you make your whole fucking fanbase look like shit. i dont know if you know this but band guys are just normal people and its probably so fucking creepy for them to have to read your fucking fanfics. you say that these guys are your heroes so show them enough respect to at least not write stories about them fucking each other damn. anyways i hate you all and thanks for ruining fanbases for bands i really like xoxo

i’m actually laughing so hard while reading this.


porn gives young people an unrealistic and unhealthy idea of how quickly a plumber will come to your house

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